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Santo Antonio Group produces more than 4.5 million bags of sugar per year, being Santo Antonio Sugarcane Mill, one of the most representative mill plants in the State of Alagoas. The parent plant produces VHP sugar, crystal and demerara sugar and our subsidiary produces VHP and demerara sugar. VHP and demerara sugar are destinated to exportation. Crystal sugar of the brand TITARA is commercialized in the domestic market.


VHP sugar, stands for Very High Polarization product. This sugar consists of sucrose crystals with a honey film. It has a yellowish color and appearance, with no added colorants neither flavorings. It's not used for direct consumption but as a raw material in refineries. It is sold in bulks and shipped overseas. Its storage requires a covered, closed, dry and clean place, away from chemical products.


Usually used for direct consumption. Crystal sugar consists of crystals in which sucrose exists in high level of purity, with no added coloring neither flavoring, but in its manufacturing process the sugarcane juice has several components added to improve its clarification.

Designation: Crystal sugar from vegetal origin, consisted essentially of sugarcane sucrose.

It has odor and flavor proper of the product.


Granular sugar with a yellowish color. It undergoes a light refinement and does not receive chemical additives. Its nutritional value is similar to that of brown sugar.

Maceió office

Rua Barão de Jaraguá, 195 Térreo – Jaraguá
CEP 57022-140
Maceió – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3216-1900

Santo Antonio Sugarcane Mill

Usina Santo Antonio S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57920-000
São Luiz do Quitunde – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3215-2100

Camaragibe Sugarcane Mill

Usina Camaragibe S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57910-000
Matriz de Camaragibe – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3251-3100

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