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We are The Santo Antonio Group, composed of two sugar-ethanol mills. Santo Antonio Sugarcane Mill produces VHP sugar, crystal sugar and ethanol. Camaragibe Mill produces only VHP sugar. The third company, Jitituba, co-generates electricy. Our quality, efficiency, safety and social-environmental responsibility, make us a reference to national and international markets.
Our units are located in the town of São Luís do Quitunde and Matriz de Camaragibe, both in the state of Alagoas, and distant from the Port of Maceió around 60 kilometers.

From sugar cane, we produce Crystal Sugar, VHP, Demerara Sugar and Anhydrous, Hydrated and Extra Neutral Ethanol, besides the by-products molasses and bagasse.

Our history began in 1957, When Ernesto Gomes Maranhão, then a cane producer in the state pf Pernambuco, migrated to the State of Alagoas, after the purchase of the Mill, which by then crushed around 40.000 tons annually.

In 1970, the founder of the Sugar Mill, Ernesto Gomes Maranhão, passed away. His offspring and successors, José Carlos, Luiz Carlos, Luiz Ernesto, Severino Carlos, and Maria das Graças continued his great business venture. Throughout the years, they expanded and modernized the industrial mill park, expanding its milling capacity. They acquired Santo Antonio Central Branch at the end of 1980 and, later on, they founded Jitituba Energetic Central.
In the administration of Santo Antonio Group, as it’s called the cluster of companies, is current managed, not only by the third generation of the family, but also by a group of hired executives.


In more than 65 years of activities, the effort to modernize the production and control systems has been a constant. The improvement of human capital, through courses, training, and the adoption of modern work practices, has been a standard adopted by the company. Renewal of equipment, with particular emphasis on automation, and the use of computerized management systems are absolute priorities for the company.

Besides producing sugar for export and for the domestic market, as well as alcohol for fuel and for industrial use, Santo Antonio Sugar Mill stands out for the uniqueness of being the only sugar mill from Alagoas to produce extra neutral alcohol, specifically used for beverages and cosmetical manufacturing. Its alcohol production is destinated not only for domestic market but also for abroad.

As of 2002 the controled company Jitituba Energetic Central started a cogeneration of electric energy, which allows the company to include the production and sale of energy to its product chain.

The care with environmental preservation has been gaining increasing priority. The destination of vinasse as fertilizer, the water treatment from cane washing and the protection of the wild fauna and flora have received special care, and all the procedures are carried out according to environmental guidelines.

Supported by favorable production conditions and by the constant improvement of all the resources involved in its production system, Santo Antonio Central Sugar Company looks at the future with confidence, feeling able to play well its role in sugarcane agroindustrial Brazil.


Purchase, by the Maranhão family, of Usina Santo Antonio.

Expansion of sugarcane fields with the introduction of more modern agricultural techniques.

Demolition of the previous plant and construction of a modern unit on the same site.

Assembly of an Ethanol distillation set with a production capacity of 90,000 L/day.

Acquisition of Co. Agroindustrial Vale do Camaragibe (Camaragibe Plant).

Expansion of distillery capacity to 180,000 L/day.

Acquisition of two turbo-generators by Camaragibe, 1,500KVA and 500KVA.

Replacement of 4 boilers at Santo Antonio and modernization of Camaragibe.

Incorporation of Camaragibe, becoming a subsidiary.

Modernization of Camaragibe boilers and Santo Antonio mills.

Obtaining NBR ISO 9001:2000 certification.

Start of Jitituba’s operation.

Obtaining FSSC 22000:2006 certification.

Obtaining CBIO Certificates.

Start of implementation of the ESG policy.


To produce sugar, ethanol and bioenergy through sugar cane, with efficiency, quality and socio-environmental responsibility.


To be a competitive and profitable company worldwide in the production and commercialization of sugar and energy.


Ethics, Transparency, Respect for the Environment and Human Rights, Focus on Occupational Health and Safety, and Sustainable Development.

Maceió office

Rua Barão de Jaraguá, 195 Térreo – Jaraguá
CEP 57022-140
Maceió – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3216-1900

Santo Antonio Sugarcane Mill

Usina Santo Antonio S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57920-000
São Luiz do Quitunde – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3215-2100

Camaragibe Sugarcane Mill

Usina Camaragibe S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57910-000
Matriz de Camaragibe – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3251-3100

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