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From the burning of sugarcane bagasse, the Jitituba Energy Center started in 2002, in an experimental phase, to generate energy. From September 2007 on, it began to produce and commercialize energy on a large scale. In November 2007, it was authorized by the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) to operate as a Thermoelectric Power Plant. This achievement was obtained by investing in the modernization of the powerhouse, and the installation of a third turbogenerator that allowed us to generate 15 MW/h. The energy generated is an important alternative supply in the face of crises in the energy sector. Our own consumption does not reach this amount. We currently export 40,000 MW / year, enough to supply a population of approximately 50,000 inhabitants. About 15 municipalities benefit from this generation. The energy we generate is produced from biomass, organic matter, which, in comparison with fossil fuels, generates less greenhouse gas emissions.

Maceió office

Rua Barão de Jaraguá, 195 Térreo – Jaraguá
CEP 57022-140
Maceió – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3216-1900

Santo Antonio Sugarcane Mill

Usina Santo Antonio S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57920-000
São Luiz do Quitunde – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3215-2100

Camaragibe Sugarcane Mill

Usina Camaragibe S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57910-000
Matriz de Camaragibe – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3251-3100

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