Santo Antonio Central Sugar Company produces around 60 million liters of ethanol annually.
There are three types of ethanol:


It is hydrated, refined, and distilled ethyl alcohol. Due to the process it undergoes, this product contains no higher alcohols or contaminants. It is used as raw material in the production of beverages; it is also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. It is sold to the domestic market in the Northeast and exported to several countries, through the Port of Maceió.


With a minimum alcohol content of 99.30 %, Anhydrous Ethanol is blended into the gasoline with which vehicles are filled. The percentage of anhydrous ethanol in this composition is decided by the government. Currently, it is 27%. The environment is grateful, since ethanol is considered a renewable fuel.


It is used as fuel and sold directly to the distributors. Hydrated ethanol fuel is 96% of pure ethanol and 4% water. Its use in Brazil started in 1979 with the launch of ethanol-powered cars.