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Code of Conduct

Santo Antonio Central Sugar Company seeks the highest standards of quality, transparency, and reliability in all its business dealings and relationships.

The Code of Conduct was was designed to help us achieve these standards by presenting the fundamental principles of business integrity and ethics that guide the activities of the Santo Antonio Central Sugar Company, both at the individual and corporate level.

Applicable to all employees, managers, suppliers, representatives, service providers and other business partners of the company, it should be the parameter for all the decisions and actions within the context of our activities or on their behalf.

The Code doesn’t exhaust conducts, but rather indicates the minimun and non-negotiable behaviour standards that must be followed, including the norms, beliefs, and values of Santo Antonio Central Sugar Company.

Maceió office

Rua Barão de Jaraguá, 195 Térreo – Jaraguá
CEP 57022-140
Maceió – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3216-1900

Santo Antonio Sugarcane Mill

Usina Santo Antonio S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57920-000
São Luiz do Quitunde – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3215-2100

Camaragibe Sugarcane Mill

Usina Camaragibe S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57910-000
Matriz de Camaragibe – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3251-3100

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