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Thinking about promoting the weel being and life quality, we offer to all employees a series of medical services such as:

  • Medical Post: We will offer medical assistance to our employees. We have the capacity to assist 200 people daily, free of charge. The Medical Post has several health professionals, being 03 doctors (clinical and occupational), 01 speech therapist, 01 occupational nurse, 04 nursing and occupational nursing assistants, and 01 coordinator.
  • Pharmacy: Besides medical care, the company provides basic medication in case of accidents and occupational diseases. It is also open to the general population.

Recently, we signed an agreement with the Municipal Health Secretariat in campaigns regarding some vaccines, thus ensuring the welfare of our employees

Maceió office

Rua Barão de Jaraguá, 195 Térreo – Jaraguá
CEP 57022-140
Maceió – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3216-1900

Santo Antonio Sugarcane Mill

Usina Santo Antonio S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57920-000
São Luiz do Quitunde – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3215-2100

Camaragibe Sugarcane Mill

Usina Camaragibe S/N – Zona Rural
CEP 57910-000
Matriz de Camaragibe – AL – Brasil
Tel: +55 (82) 3251-3100

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